The food your grandmother made

January, 2021

A project made in tribute to my mom and grandmother. I created a way for future generations in my family to access their Chinese heritage through food.

Visualizing fighting game mechanics

August, 2020

This project aimed to create a visual aid that helped players learn how to think about the game, not just how to play it. By breaking down the game mechanics into smaller components, I designed cards that acted as a small multiple, allowing players to make comparisons between fighting moves to better understand them. I engaged with the Tekken subreddit community for feedback. This was the first time in my process where I designed something so openly and with the public.

Visualizing data in boardgame manuals

June, 2020

I visualized the board game manual from Bang! I’ve played Bang! over 100 times, but I never noticed the underlying mechanism that drove this game. Even the simple act of creating a histogram of all the cards in the deck gives insight to the value of certain cards due to scarcity.

Kipling catalogue

April, 2020

Kipling released their new line NEW CLASSICS in 2018. This line has bold and bright colours suited for the needs of every traveler. I created a product catalogue that incorporates data visualization to compare all the bags in the NEW CLASSICS collection.

Chungchun food menu

April, 2020

I discovered a new Korean snack spot in Toronto called Chungchun Rice Hotdog. The rice hotdogs are made of a chewy rice flour batter that’s deep fried with a hotdog in the middle. During my first time visiting, I had a hard time making a choice because it took me some time to understand what made each menu item unique. I saw potential to incorporate data visualization to make the ordering process a lot easier.

Beyond the surface

January, 2020

This was a personal project I did to better understand the connection between my mental and physical health. I started developing a new reaction to stress in my early 20's. I would have intense muscle tension and when it was chronic, it lead to severe pain. By documenting and visualizing my own data, I was able to better understand how to manage my symptoms.

History of amendments

July, 2019

I was approached to re-imagine how the history of amendments made under the US Bankruptcy Code could be shown. The client is a lawyer specializing in student loan debt.

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