Chungchun food menu

A menu that summarizes the food items from a Korean snack spot in Toronto



The food your grandmother made

Jan 12, 2021

A project made in tribute to my mom and grandmother. I created a way for future generations in my family to access their Chinese heritage through food.


Why I'm Finally Learning to Draw

Apr 26, 2021

I've hit a roadblock in my dataviz creative process, so I set on a journey to learn how to draw. I embark on this new challenge motivated by my love of historical Chinese TV shows.


How Tekken Reinvented My Data Visualization Design Process

Sep 3, 2020

Engaging the community around this fighting game challenged me to rethink my approach to creating data visualizations.


Preserving My Family's Recipes

Jan 12, 2021

Stop motion video of a project exploring my family's recipes.