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What do you think?

The importance of thinking deeply.

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“What do you think? Try to have a thought of your own Baldrick. Thinking is so important, what do you think?”

-Blackadder Series 2 Episode 2 “Head”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, I was around people less and by myself more. Most of my time was spent inputting content into my brain (listening to podcasts, scrolling through social media, watching videos), but not enough of it was dedicated to output (writing or speaking). Over time, I had a hard time expressing myself and my thoughts felt like a tangled mess.

I felt like a zombie. I kept jamming my brain with information, but I wasn’t synthesizing anything.

Around the same time, I stopped writing on my blog and on social media, because I didn’t have anything to say. All of my past content was all about dataviz design, and since it was no longer the centre of my universe, I didn’t write anymore.

Writing has been the portal to my brain. I am not aware about what I think until I pen it to paper (or type it to screen). When I stopped writing, I stopped thinking deeply. Thinking deeply matters because it helps me cultivate my existence and purpose. If I am not pondering about something properly, I don’t truly understand it. If I don’t understand it, then there is no meaning. My life felt superficial and life started to lose its colour.

I’m currently working on my copywriting skills because it’s an area I’m weak in. The irony is that I learned an independent clause (which is a basic sentence type) expresses a complete thought. Ha! It all makes sense now. I’m struggling with copywriting because I haven’t worked on my thinking.

What do you think deeply about? When was the last time you did this? How do you think deeply? I wondered these questions as I saw the scene from the above Blackadder reference. Our thoughts define who we are. Would you be the same person if you didn’t have the same thoughts?

I want to pick up writing again, so here I am, writing a new piece on my blog. I already feel rusty as I type this blog post. Although, I have to say it feels extremely liberating to hit publish.

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Hello! My name is Jane, I am a Data Visualization Designer turned Marketing Specialist. I enjoy writing to help me reflect on lessons I learn as I develop my career. If you learned something new or useful, then please consider supporting my work by buying me a coffee.


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