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Redefining Travel Guides with Data Visualization

I was planning a trip a couple months ago and struggled to plan it by myself. Trying to work within a budget, I did a lot of research on things to do, places to stay, and ways to get around. I had to consider many aspects planning this trip and it was very stressful. In response to this, I created a travel guide that incorporated data visualization.

My desk at work on the last day there. I cleared it out and was ready to go.

How I Quit My Full-Time Job to Pursue a Freelance Career As a Data Visualization Designer

It’s been four months since I quit my full-time job to pursue a career in data visualization (data viz) design. I thought I’d talk about what I’ve learned thus far so that others might learn something from my journey.

How Self-Employed Data Visualization Designers Make a Living

Interviewing RJ Andrews, Alli Torban, Matt Baker, and Ann K. Emery on how they started—and made—their careers in data visualization