As I develop my practice, I continue to learn and build my knowledge. Here, I share some resources that have helped me.

Graphic Design

Design Basics Index by Jim Krause
Jim Krause does a great job introducing design fundamentals in lay terms. I learned a lot about layout design in this book. His commentary on why certain designs work or don’t work has improved how I evaluate design work.

Business of Design

The Futur Podcast Episode 60: Contagious Selling with Errol Gerson
A fantastic episode on how to sell your work as a creative. Errol tells all the stories of how he has landed clients and how he teaches young creatives to build their practice. This episode had so many insights on client management, self-confidence, and the art of selling feelings rather than products/services.

How to Write a Design Brief to Keep Your Web Design Projects On Track
A great article from Shopify on how to put together a design brief. A design brief is a document that provides a bird’s eye view on your project and provides a means of accountability. For any project, a design brief becomes the foundation to build upon.

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