My role: Director, video editor, camera operator

Space: Global Service Design Jam, Toronto

Time: February 2017

I am always surprised by how people collaborate at design jams, charrettes, and hackathons. These types of events are focused around challenges and are typically completed in groups. Usually, people would attend these sessions and join a group of people they have never met before. From that point on, it’s up to us to figure out each other’s working style, strengths, and weaknesses. I attended the Global Service Design Jam in Toronto this past weekend and my team had 7 people. They came from Interaction Design, User Experience Research, International Studies, and Programming. Many people who attend these kinds of events are eager to learn, meet new people, and to have new experiences. Just thinking about the fact we all are different and about what we could create was exciting for me to discover.

The question we framed was: “how might we simplify the process for international students towards finding employment”. The process from this point forward was just a dynamic between our individual differences and points where our interests intersected- and for me, this is where I see collaboration as something that is alive.