My role: Designer and editor
Space: Toronto
Time: Dec 2018
Special thanks: John Abila + Jay Jeong

I have always loved getting the IKEA catalogue in the mail. I got my 2019 copy in the mail and I took the time to flip through the pages. I began to wonder how I could show the catalogue through data visualization. I initially had the idea to make just one visualization, but soon realized that it was not enough to capture the layered story I wanted to convey. After 4 months of endlessly ramming my head against the wall, I finally put this small booklet together. I have never made a book before and this project would not have been possible without the help from John Abila and Jay Jeong.

Behind the scenes

Here are some iterations of a particular set of pages. As you can see, the way it was at the end is completely different from how it started out. The following show iterations of the pages that showed the entire catalogue in over two pages, or one spread. It is page 6-7 in the final version.

1. This was one of the early versions I came up with in October. I thought it would be interesting to to see all the sections of the catalogue like this. The challenge was that the lines were all squished together making it very hard to interpret.
2. I thought this might look cleaner, but it was still hard to interpret.
3. This version gave more context to the story, but it looked to similar to version 1. I needed to re-think how I show the information.
4. I started to break out of showing the catalogue in a series of lines and instead decided to use the actual pages. The challenge here was that it was too busy.
5. This version was the closest to the final. I really liked how the colours show here and how strong it is visually. It is clear to see the entire catalogue here. It also looks less busy than the previous version.
6. This is the final version. The difference from the previous is that I changed the typeface to Verdana (which is the typeface IKEA uses). I was using Titillium as a placeholder.