I saw the FF7 Remake game demo playthrough in March 2020. I was mesmerized by the fighting sequences. I’ve grown up watching my older brother play Final Fantasy games. As a dataviz designer, I wondered to myself if I could somehow visualize the fighting sequences in a game. Through a video that looked at female fighting gamers, I was introduced to the world of Tekken. Tekken 7 is a 3D fighting game that has been active since the late 90’s. In this project, I explore different ways to create something that would be useful to aid players in learning the game.

Problem being solved: All the content that exists to teach players how to play Tekken exists in three formats.

  1. Players are taught in-person by friends and peers
  2. Players learn by watching YouTube videos to pick up moves and understand how to master a character
  3. Players access resources through online forums to get feedback and suggestions on how to learn and improve

In all the videos and articles I have seen, everyone always references data that includes attack speed, damage, and follow-up frames. The data has been collected by the community online and is easily accessible for free.

A lot of new players struggle to learn Tekken because of its complexity. There are many fundamentals to master and it quickly becomes overwhelming.

The problem I am addressing is to help new players learn Tekken while developing a framework to learn how to understand the mechanics of the game. It isn’t possible to teach players every aspect of the game, but it is possible to teach them how to think about it.

Target audience: Beginners who have some familiarity of Tekken and have already chosen a player to specialize in.

Key objective: To design a physical visual aid for players to use while learning Tekken. Players are equipped to learn one character and develop a better understanding on how to think about fighting games.

For this project, I have focused on visualizing the moves for Josie Rizal. She was introduced in Tekken 7 in 2015. As a character, she is fun to play and beginner-friendly.

The data source comes from a mix of the following:
Tekken 7 – Josie Beginner Guide Season 3:

The only data I have manually collected is effective range.

The data collected through Rbnorway isn’t clear and the methods are not clearly explained on their site. Other players have found errors in the data recorded. Although the data I have used predominantly comes from Rbnorway, it’s important to note that the data may not be accurate.


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