My role: Researcher, designer, photographer

Space: Toronto

Time: April, 2017

If I just met you, which type of contact information would I provide you to continue our relationship? Would I give you my e-mail? Maybe my Twitter handle? My phone number? Maybe all the above via a business card? What does it mean if I choose to give you my Twitter handle and not my e-mail? Has e-mail become too personal? Has Facebook become too personal? To further explore the relationship between social networks and privacy, I audited how close I was to people these networks. I used the Subjective Closeness Index for each person in all my social networks. I measured closeness by answering two questions on a 7-point scale for each person:

1) “Relative to all your other relationships (both same and opposite sex) how would you characterize your relationship with X?”

2) “Relative to what you know about other people’s close relationships, how would you characterize your relationship with X?”.