My role: Designer

Space: Toronto

Time: Nov, 2017

I learned about the supermodel Liu Wen through a YouTube video on the 30 people under 30 list. What caught my eye was the fact she was from Hunan, China, where my family is also from. I don’t often hear about people who are from Hunan and are also very successful in the Western space. Liu Wen had attributed part of her success as being a ‘Hunan Girl’, who is often traditionally viewed as gritty and hardworking. I immediately was reminded of my mom and my grandmother. My grandmother never knew how to write her own name, but she believed all her children, including the girls, should have formal education. She worked hard to provide that to my mom, and in turn, my mom did the same for me. As a tribute to women of colour and success, I really wanted to celebrate Liu Wen’s career in this visualization. She is the first Chinese model to walk for Victoria’s Secret and represent Estee Lauder.

I created this colour palette to represent Liu Wen’s personality. She emits a feeling of someone who has a strong foundation allowing her to be resilient. She is full of energy, life, and humour and I wanted to use colours that were bright, but not with neon colours. I chose to predominantly use blue because it came from how I alluded her personality to the sea waves. She has the capacity to deploy her confidence like the waves while being able to overcome anything.