Client: Kerry County Council

My role: Creative director, designer, researcher

Space: Institute without Boundaries, Toronto, Canada

Time: May 2016

Skellig Kerry is a sub-region of Iveragh located in County Kerry, Ireland, and is an area that embodies serene beauty and ruggedness. One of the major sources of income in the region is tourism. We learned that the existing tourist maps for visitors did not capture the character and the charm the place had to offer. We decided that we needed to make a product that would excite visitors about the experience they could have in Skellig Kerry. With a team of 2 graphic designers, we researched, studied precedents, and created prototypes within 2 weeks during a design charrette. The result was a 18.75” by 13” fold-out brochure with an illustrative map on one side and a story narrating the spirit of Skellig Kerry on the other.