My role: Researcher, Designer

Space: Toronto

Time: May, 2017

I completed this visualization as part of a course I took on Coursera about infographic design.

I decided to visualize what happens when I search for design companies in Toronto. I Googled “design firm toronto”, “design studio toronto”, “design company toronto” and “design agency toronto”. I compiled all the search results from the first page of these four different queries into Excel and looked into where most of these companies were in Toronto. It was not a surprise to learn that most were in the downtown core clustered along Queen and King Street.

Some companies showed up when I search for “design studio toronto” but not for “design firm toronto”, Bruce Mau Design was an example of this. As I was searching, I noticed that service design companies were barely existent in the results of the first page. Perhaps these companies do not conform to the traditional disciplines of design and as a result is not searchable with these queries. It could also be that these companies do not have strong SEO strategies as graphic design companies given that the latter have expertise and services in SEO.

The Google search was done on April 26, 2017.